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Hello travelers, welcome to our home, or rather to the stationmaster's house. Yes, that's right, in this ancient historical residence the stationmaster's family lived in the past, who supervised not only the management of the station but also that all passengers were welcomed and helped in their travel needs.

Today, after a skilful renovation and restoration work, that spirit of welcome and hospitality is still alive in his home, and we are happy to offer you a different and unusual stay compared to other accommodation facilities. So what are you waiting for ??? All in the carriage, let's go !!!



to and from airport (with a partner company)


of cars or motorbikes in the structure (with a partner company)


for guided visits to the main museums and artistic attractions in the province of Palermo


on sailing boat or diving (with a partner company)


of typical products from small entrepreneurs in the area

Ludo parking

parking service with affiliated structure


Wifi free


available for free a kitchen where you can cook your favorite dishes

Immersed in the art and culture of the historic "City of Villas"

For lovers of Baroque art, Bagheria is certainly the best place to visit.


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